Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tiny boxwood bliss

you enter a modern metal gate covered in perfectly groomed vines. french music and fresh baked bread filled the air. a sign directs you to place your order, you enter the most beautiful garden your mind can imagine.
last sunday reece and i had brunch at the most amazing place. part french cafe, part nursery, part posh modern garden gift shop. tiny boxwoods in houston texas is tucked away in the middle of downtown.

inside metal beams and concrete floors contrasted with wooden tables and fresh picked hydrangeas.

on the other side of the green lawn the nursery is laid out in a perfect grid pattern. bright yellows and pink line the walkway.

i would love for the inside of my house to decorated this way... maybe after the cup ill make some changes. the small shop in the corner of the nursery was so relaxing...
attention to detail everywhere... love how these wagons are displayed....
onto the rice ucf baseball game then back to columbia to wrap up the cup dresses!


  1. I love this place! Look all the beautiful flowers:)

  2. Just beautiful! I want to talk to you about a rehearsal dinner dress but I'll wait until Cup is over. :)

  3. Love the attention to detail!