Wednesday, September 29, 2010

last weekend... and nothing to do with dresses

after spending saturday morning at the shop working on the wholesale line i headed to charleston. the last month has been extremely stressful, exciting, overwhelming and emotional. to say the least i was ready for a mini break. there is nothing like driving into charleston and feeling home.

have you ever seen anything sweeter? last week my older sister, brittan, gave birth to the most precious baby girl. her name is hartley elizabeth. our grandmothers name was annabelle hartley. little hartley and i both share her name.

holding hartley was just what i needed ... she took all the stress of the last month away. just looking at her, how small and perfect and peaceful. God is so cool. being with my family this weekend reminded me that there is more to life than dresses (although it is a huge part of my life) they love me regardless of patterns, prints, styles, fashion week, wholesale or not....they know the rest of me. the before laroque part. i like that. sometime i get so wrapped up in work.... i can't turn it off. when your life, career and hobbies over lap and bleed into each other this happens. sometimes it's nice to escape ... its nice to be home.

the cousins...
they said "take a picture of us" so i did.

and sweet chalsa.. im not sure she's into hartly yet...

back to the spring line...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

night before vegas....

my flight for vegas leaves in 30. i am headed to the international textile show.

what's on my mind:
laroque just had its 3rd birthday... time has flown by.
what will i show for charleston fashion week spring 2011?
spring 2011 line to wholesale?
{no worries the studio on devine st will still be open ...}
its time for a plan. {not my nature at all}

late last night, in hopes of some direction and inspiration marquis and i went to the shop. im sure you didn't miss the line about wholesaling for spring 2011. i have been talking with a rep in atlanta for a year about the possibilities of a wholesale line. i have felt this universal pull to do something more with laroque. don't get the wrong impression i am perfectly happy on devine st. i love the everyday interaction with customers but sometimes feel like what i love the most, fabric and design are lost in the everyday routine.

last night i tried on every garment in the shop. what do i truly love? what do my clients love? what fabric fits my vision? what says "laroque"? what feels right for spring? where have we been ... and were are we headed?
after hours in the studio, marquis painted my nails "waking up in vegas" by debrah lippmann. {seemed fitting } lady gaga is wearing the same shade on this months cover of vanity fair. if it inspires her, maybe it will inspire me. grey and coral for spring 2011? we will see....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

jen and jay tie the knot

what a treat to be apart of jennifer and jay's big day! below are a few picture from the wedding. {compliments of travis}

the garter made from a combination of family laces and fabric.

sweet ring bearer in his little laroque bow tie.
love this shot of the back of the dresses... what beautiful bridesmaids...

one shoulder dress in white silk with embroidered beads.