Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LaRoque in the New York Times!

i can not tell you what it felt like to open the New York Times on sunday and read the sunday styles section. to be apart of an article that undoubtable rings true for so many americans is very gratifying.

do you consider yourself "successful now?" my mom asked on sunday as we both read.

this is what i told her:
success for me is making someone feel beautiful on an important day. finding beautiful fabric to turn into a fancy birthday frock... going to a place everyday that feels more like a living room than a retail space and cultivating relationships. even on the slow days, i do not question my choice to "abandon the cubical." the press along the way, especial this article, has been a priceless intrinsic reward. a small sign telling me not to give up my dream. when the rest of the world says hang up your hat and do something that offers a retirement plan and the like. i look back on articles that i have been featured in and i think, ive been an inspiration to someone. when the thought, was i in fact "crazy" to give up all that the corporate world has to offer crosses my mind, i always tell myself, its better to make a living off your own dream than than someone else. alex williams, the writer for the Times, put it best, "the dream job is a job and much as it is a dream." owning you own business is not always easy or fun.

this is my dream and weather i succeed or not i have gone against the odds, out on a limb, and tried. there is no company car or corporate 401k that would feel better than someone choosing to wear my piece of art. what an honor to share these pages with others like me who have taken a chance despite the odds. few things more rewarding than being able to make a living off of your life. and although,
there have been many times when i have had oatmeal for dinner and grey goose for desert, contemplating these questions and my bank account i have yet to regret my leap of faith.

Friday, August 12, 2011

meeting tory burch and other highlights from new york.

i love so many things about new york. one of the best things about new york is that every trip can be different... so much to see and do. here are a few of the high lights from my last trip. i try to see at least a hand full of my favorite places each time i'm in the city. there is always a surprise waiting for you in new york... i had no idea meeting one of my favorite designers would be it.

#1 mood fabric
#2 vintage sewing machines on display in soho
#3 ties at bergdorf goodmans. love love love the silks.
#4 handmade shoes by katheryn amberleigh on mott. see more at
#5 central park.
#6 FAO Schwarz
# 7 subway music
#8 icecream on prince
i have to tell you that last time i was in new york i met tory burch. have you heard of the pierre hotel? its is wonderful. tory burch and her children live there. one night in the hotel and you would want to live there too. it is beautiful.
coming home from dinner one night, there she was in the lobby. pony tail, tunic and garment bag over her arm. she was as nice as she could be. i was reluctant to tell her about laroque as im am sure aspiring designers attack her all the time with questions craving advice...( i didn't want her to think i was one of them). with the persistence from the friend i was with, i told her i had the smallest clothing line in the world. it was nice to share a walk down the hall way and an elevator ride with her. to be able to tell her in person how much i admired her work really meant the world to me. we talked about sourcing fabric and the changes that she is making to her retail stores. have you seen the purple that she is incorporating in her boutiques? love it with the orange and green.
the elevator operator opened the door and there i was on the 6th floor, it seems we had arrived sooner than the last time, always seems that way when you are having a nice conversation.
she said good luck with your line, and i told her the same.

Friday, August 5, 2011

introducing: the picnic dress

what makes the perfect transition dress?
a dress with sleeves.
now with sandals and later with boots.
introducing the picnic dress.
who doesn't want to go on a picnic wearing this dress? i do. yes, it is a silk dress and yes, you'll be sitting on a blanket {on the grass} with your beau. isn't that what living is about? wearing a fancy dress during the day and picnicking with your grandmothers china? life is far too short for paper plates and gym clothes out side of the gym. {if you ask me}

here was the ruff draft.

the hem too long, the the sleeves too short. neckline not quite right. we need contrast but not a sash. insert yellow waist band s'il vous plait.
this is what its like: the making of the dress while we are still perfecting the pattern. we make a sample. and then snip, nip, cut and alter until at last it "fits" perfectly.

voici que vous allez! jolie robe!

i am very excited about the new picnic dress.
and i hope you are too.
available in an array of fall fabrics to suit your fancy very very soon.

stay tuned.