Sunday, March 6, 2011

701 market

hello saturday!

have you been to the market at 701 whaley on saturday mornings? live music fills the air out on the porch while 25 + local venders sell their goods inside. from local farmers to craftsman, the market offers a unique mix of goods that are produced in south carolina.

breakfast and fresh cut tulips for the shop. love the electric red.

that's right, edible flowers. who knew?

brought home this loaf. no bread after wednesday... im giving it up for lent. are you giving something up? thought my last few slices should be homemade.

three bad seeds! my favorite booth at the market! how cute are these handmade animals? they are constructed with reclaimed apparel. the wool from old sweaters is washed to give it a felt look. each creature is unique.
see more of their work at

inside out chocolate!

perfect place to spend saturday morning

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