Thursday, March 3, 2011

everyone needs a little time away.... hello austin texas!

look closely, can you see those two cowboys on horses ridding down the street mixed with the traffic? welcome to austin texas.

an article in the wall street journal heighten my desire to know what all this " getting weird" in austin texas was all about, so reece and i sat out for a weekend adventure.
the slogan for austin is "keep austin weird" and trust me, they are doing it.

you haven't seen austin till you have wondered south congress avenue. known for the cluster of eclectic shops and cluster of food trailers there is something at every turn to amaze your senses. the smell of fresh baked cupcakes mixes with the sound of street musicians to make this street a world renown place for people watching.

even a non antique lover will love uncommon objects. a warehouse of sorts with artfully arranged vintage goods this place has a modern western vibe with a retro twist. from western hand bags to art and artifacts this place has a way of making the clutter seem priceless.
how about that hilton head belt buckle...
one step in lucy in disguise and you will see that any time you want to "get weird" the costume possibilities are endless all year long....
rows and rows of countless colors and styles of cowboy boots. from range ready to $2,500 a pair for two steeping at the local honkeyhonk everyone is sure to find a pair that fits. from the smallest cowgirl to hand tooled goat skin for a rodeo it was a sight to see.

on the hunt for the odd duck on south lamar we found gourdoughs. the home of the original donut creation. from sweet to savory the choices where equally odd and tempting. fried chicken and honey on a donut to bananas and chocolate.... we shared a donut topped with BBQ and potato salad... yep, it sounded strange to us too but it was surprisingly heavenly.

this is the type of "weird " i could get used to. hotel san jose is a retreat. scandinavian design meets modern in this hotel with simple decor and concrete floors. who doesn't want a pair of Toms shoes waiting to great you?

on sunday we kayaked down the lady bird lake river. the weather was perfect. the park on one side of the bank was filled with picnic goers while the other side of the river was lined with city buildings.
can't leave austin with out one more treat. a nutella crepe and we were on our way back to houston...


  1. love. this certainly makes me want to take a vaca to austin. i <3 texas!

  2. AnnaBelle, you are gorgeous! And I am so happy/proud of you! You're a star in Southern Living! So happy to know you and your amazing work! Hope to see you soon!

  3. thank you jordan! hope to see you soon! good to hear from you!

  4. Gosh, you're cute! I would love to talk to you about a custom rehearsal dinner dress - how can we start? It will be 5/27.

  5. well thank you! i would love to help you with a dress for your rehearsal dinner too! can you call me at the shop? 803.765.6062
    ill look forward to talking with you!