Thursday, March 3, 2011

fabric shopping in houston !

after mood in new york i was sure that i had discovered the best place to unique fabrics. that was until i spent monday at fashion fabrics in houston texas. from new designers to old vintage favorites i was in heaven. they say that everything is bigger in texas and this fabric warehouse is no exception.
unlike mood fabrics the fabrics that lined the walls and tables here were perfectly color-coded. love that. silk charmeuse prints perfectly rolled on the wall. the selction of vintage Pucci fabric had my mind spinnging. the print below will be a summer skirt.
luckily i found this normally $125 a yard piece on the remnant table...

millie fabric... how great would this be in a long patio dress? may have to keep this one for me...
cup dress heaven... brought home a few of these prints for the last of the custom cup orders.
japanese ribbon fit for a waist band on a simple skirt

love this ribbon hanging suspended from the branches... thinking we will do this in the windows at the shop for summer.
the selection of bridal lace and trim was extensive and breath taking... if we ever make a turn towards bridal this will be my first stop.
how about these feathers to trim the bottom of a party dress?
sometimes i see a fabric and think... skirt or pillow? this time pillow won. perfect on my favorite chair at home this cobalt silk will soon be filled with feathers.


  1. hi! where is fashion fabrics in houston?

  2. Were you at High Fashion in Houston???

  3. Oh, I love this place! Its in midtown on Louisiana street at Elgin (Westheimer becomes Elgin if you aren't familiar with Houston). You should see their home fabrics place across the street. I love their silk wall, I have some ver nice silk blouses because of that.