Thursday, March 24, 2011

one week and its off to the races....

this box of serger thread is now empty...

one week from saturday 183 girls will be wearing a frock that we have designed and made especially for her. a dress to match her hair color, favorite sandals, dates bowtie and personality. each one thought about as if it were the last dress they may have to wear for the rest of their lives. it really is unlike just picking a dress for another occasion from another shop. what does that fabric say about who she is? is it modern and classy? fun and vintage? to have a dress made that exactly says "me". we pick the navy ruffle to contrast with olive skin and the skirt with pockets even though we know we wont put anything in them, its just fun, right?
perfectly planned out and constructed with "her" in mind. the KD at carolina, the young newlywed... even had a grandmother making her appearance at the cup for the 26th time. woman of all ages and walks of life in custom dresses. some who save and plan for a year knowing that this is the dress they have to have and other who stubble in by the suggestion of a friend. i have to admit that it is moving when a gal has thought about her custom laroque dress for sometime. i know i always appreciate things more after pinning over them.
17 girls have yet to be fitted. 12 bow ties need hooks and 8 monogram sashes in the works. i know it seems last minute, it feels that way too. we start with cup dresses right after christmas but its hard to think seersucker thoughts with snow on the ground. my team of seamstresses assures me that we are on track but i still worry and can't sit still.

this time next week
numerous bow tying lessons will have been given, dresses will be pressed, hats will be adored with matching bows we will be off to the races!

here is a look behind the scenes...
don't you love this green sewing machine?

we file your order by day. all of the waiting prints where ordered one tuesday in march...
one week of orders pre cup...

back to the ironing board... happy one week before cup!

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