Tuesday, June 21, 2011

here's to your mom on your big day!

your tying the knot! yay! what an exciting time. mom helps with the flowers, the vows and the venue. you have your binder... why you're both going; when and where... one million things to do now that you are engaged. the year of all about "you". after all, you are the bride.

It's your big day but what about mom? what should she wear to your parties and the wedding? you look online... are they really showing that 20 something year old model in the "mother of the bride look," that seems as if it's fit more for a runway than an aisle. you keep looking, you you find something the right color but it's too "mom from the 90's." what will she wear that says timeless and classic without looking, well frumpy or that she is trying to steal the show? something tailored with a little flair.

below are a few of our favorite styles for your mom...
afterall, we want you both to be happy on the big day. in this case, if the bride ain't happy, no body is happy.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

the parachute gown and a beautiful day.

i never met my grandfather. he was a pilot in ww11.
major richard w. laroque was reported missing in action. a severe shock to my family as they learned the news that he had not returned from the mission on april 10 of 1945.
the mission was over the eastern edge of the "rose pocket,"
near endorf germany; he was the mission leader. he disappeared while strafing the target and failed to answer when other members of the mission noted his absence and called over the radio.
my grandfather had 86 missions, 224:25 hours combat flying, and a total of 2049:55 hours in the air. decorated with the distinguinsted flying cross, air medal and 15 oak leaf clusters, and a purple heart, we are left full of pride.
with liberty, christianity, and common decency in question, my grandfather found it his calling to fight for theses principles. it was before pearl harbor that he enlisted. his brother was the oldest a member of the united states marine corps and he was the youngest in the united states army air corps. it is documented that he performed his duties well as a major in the united states air force.
although i did not know him, i will always think him with affection.

in march of 1945 he sent his parachute home for my grandmother, annabelle hartley to construct a christening gown for my father. in return, my grandmother sent him my dads baby booties to hang in the cockpit of his p-47 thunder bird. granddad couldn't be home for the christening but the gown severed as a reminder that he was there. the following month my grandmother learned that his plane was shot down. he nor his plane were ever found.

this gown is my connection to him.
my grandmother annabelle stored the gown in a mason jar. over the years various woman in our family have repaired the gown in places that time has allowed to deteriorate. i have spent the last month working on the gown. it is worn in the shoulders and on the hem... but beautiful none the less.

37 years after my dad wore the gown, my sister was christened and the following year i was. in between two of our cousins wore the parachute gown.

my dad passed away when i was 5. some of you may know that i named my kitchen table endeavor in his honor. i wanted the laroque name to be carried on. i don't know much about my dad. he didn't know much about his dad. one of the few things that bind us all together is this little tiny dress made from a 68 year old silk parachute.

on sunday, my sisters youngest child, hartley was christened. what a beautiful day. i know my dad and grandfather would have loved to be there, to see her in the parachute, and in so many ways they were.

my dad, richard west laroque
my sisters son, richard west gotbetter
my sister and hartley.

the gown is now safe in the mason jar until the next child in our family is christened. this connection to our past has brought much joy and sorrow. emotions are often this way, the happy times make us sad, the sad times make us thankful. to think of the deep anxiety my grandmother felt, not knowing if my grandfather would return home juxtaposed to how glorious sunday was.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

slowing down to stop.

if i told you everything that happened in may you wouldn't believe me.

what a month.

professionally and personally i felt God telling me to decelerate; to slow down enough to see what is important. sometimes, you just keep going and going because thats what it takes to have a successful life. once someone said that you get rewarded "tending to your own land" no one has ever become successful "looking over the fence" per say. you see someone else in your profession, someone else your age, someone in a relationship or similar situation and you think, what's going on there that isn't going on here? we are taught that success occurs when we stay in our own lane and keep our eyes focused on the prize. a promotion, a raise, a second location, more media attention. you are going so fast that one road block doesn't slow you down, and it shouldn't. after all, life is full of challenges. title waves occur on majestic smooth water all the time. i had several waves on my normally peaceful island; in fact, the month of may was more like a tsunami.

you get fastened on the goal you lose sight of the journey. is this healthy? am i sacrificing my life for my career? what do i love about my life? i am investing in what i value?
after God shouted at me for a month to slow i decided i would listen.
something happens when you sleep in a room like the one below. stone walls, fireplace, birds and sunlight in the morning. what is important to me? i, so often, relish in the hectic hustle. go go go go. its scary to slow down. for me, when i decelerate, God speaks deliberately. truth is, he is speaking clearly all the time, its my habitually hectic life that obscures all the red flags he waves telling me to take a break and breath.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

pretty little wedding dress redo

how sweet is this little girl?
we made this dress for her portrait to me made in....
want to know the best part?
see the lace on the bodice and the bow? its from her mothers wedding gown.
we deconstructed the gown in the picture below...

here is where we started...
ta da!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hello new york

there is something about new york. the combination of unique parts move my soul. i always leave changed. the street energy, the small eclectic shops ... underground jazz clubs, roof top lounges with star sightings. outdoor french bistros and vintage fabric shops. a street artist with a vibrant canvas inspires a pair of pink silk shorts....
i can be lost and feel at home. there is no place like new york.

we walk by a huge melting clock on spring street in soho. me in my skinny jeans and jess in her cut off jeans, boots and "bangs fresh off the runway" do. my friend, the charleston southern belle, is now a hip lord and taylor buyer. i realize in the grand fashion scheme my skinny jeans aren't that adventurous.
it is infact a salvador dali exhibit! jessica remarks there are always great shows at this ultra hip gallery, in a voice that shows that her years in the city have enhanced her immunity towards such things that excited me, a small towner. she in her hipster boots and me in my seersucker laroque top stroll threw the gallery and although new york has changed us both but in different ways im immensely grateful for her and the day.

we visit the moma and top shop. although i couldn't muster up the courage for the combat boots i did find a few pieces that are more adventurous than the skinny jeans. before long i was off to the airport.

so long new york city lights...

the fall line

hello blog readers. its june 1st. already 91 outside. where did may go? its been busy here. graduation dresses, bridesmaid dresses, summer frocks for pool parties and sea side soirees. and of course the completion of the fall line! i am so excited about the fall collection... is it too early to wear the little gold skirt now? most of the pieces are perfect for transitioning into fall. im pairing the coral bow top now with white jeans...for market research purposes. i can see it with black skinny pants for holiday too.

here is a sneak peek at the line:

interested in the fall line or want it to be carried at your favorite local boutique? we will be at market june 9th-12th in the michael perry showroom in atlanta.


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