Thursday, March 10, 2011

a happy surprise... well really two!

its nice to have visitors.
its even nicer to have visitors who bring fun surprises!
meet my friends brenton and lauren. brenton is a local artist known for making bottle neck guitar slides from recycled wine bottles. he uses some fancy secretive technique to remove the neck of the bottle in way to preserve the shape of the neck of the bottle. i would imagine that this would be a very complicated venture. have you ever seen a bottle perfectly broken? brenton said if i was real nice and supplied the next afternoon treat he would show me the factory (of sorts) how this process happens. after the neck of the bottle is removed it is then polished to be fabricated into the most beautiful guitar slide you have ever seen. ( not that i have seen that many but ill assure you that these slides are beautiful even to a non-slider.)

did you notice the glasses in the photo above, this is brenton's newest venture, glasses from the bottom of the bottles. he had a order for a slide to be made from the top of the bottle below... so we shared an afternoon libation of an italian sparkling wine. after all, can't just pour out the was for business purposes of course.
almost makes me want to take a guitar lesson... or is that the wine talking?... remember the blue slide in the above photo? i imagine its made from a similar bottle as the one we shared.

surprise number two!
does this dress look familiar to you? it is one of my all time favorite dresses i made a few years ago for my friend liz! lauren is a local artist who specializes painting dresses.
here we have the original design!
talk about making my day! friends, sparkling wine, and beautiful painting!
happy wednesday for sure! below are a few more examples of lauren's work
i love her style. whimsical but sophisticate.

wouldn't it be fun to have your wedding dress painted? or maybe your birthday dress? maybe a unique gift for a friend? lauren had my mind spinning of all the past designs that i would love to see in oil and charcoal...

to see more of lauren's work:

to see more of brenton's work:

you don't have to have a fancy surprise to come visit me. im just happy to for you to stop by. thats the perk of owning your own place... you can take a break { by break i mean iron in one hand, wine in the other} when needed.


  1. I would love to see these dress paintings as note cards. Would make a really lovely presentation for a special handwritten note.

  2. Oh, I'm just so terribly obsessed with both of those items. Thanks for the introduction!