Saturday, July 30, 2011

vintage vogue inspiration:

i recently acquired a collection of vintage vogue magazines. translation, hours and hours of inspiration. i love pondering the pages. the colors, cuts and photographic composition move me. after cups and cups of ginger peach tea and honey (and etta james on repeat) i concluded that it is the lifestyle that these photographs portray that i am drawn to. these pages are the mecca of the american woman; continually pulled to them for nostalgic inspiration. timeless yet modern. tailored and whimsical.
i remember my grandmother... she didn't have to compromise style to be bake an exceptional apple pie. under her apron she dressed. really dressed. like she was going somewhere. (and sometimes it was only to the "fancy" dinning room to serve sweet tea and fried chicken)

how do i make these inspirations my own? what to take from these photos that will translate into our next collection? sophisticated, whimsical and timeless. moms shift dress with a more tailored cut or a mini skirt out of a bright yellow wool paying homage to my alma mater.
a shift dress with sleeves adorn with oversized buttons... i think we are on to something.

look for new fall styles that will make you think of your grandmother with admiration... the older i get the more i realize how cool she really was.

thank you grannie and thank you vogue.

{ here are a few of my favorites. enjoy }


  1. I want Jackie's dress in the third picture!

  2. Two words- OB.SESSED. Please tell me you've been to Voguepedia! 119 years of everything Vogue!

    I've been raiding my grandmother's closets lately, and my-oh-my she had great taste! I love the idea of dressing anything like her!

    Also, is Laroque in any stores in MB yet?