Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mood fabric : new york

for someone who doesn't know what to look for it is easy to miss. small signs hang in a window about 10 stories up after you turn onto 37th street. you enter a small corridor. the elevator operator, larry (who has been the lift attendant for 20 plus years ) pulls the steal doors closed and cranks the elevator to the 14 floor.

the door opens.
my heart starts to beat fast.
where to first?
what to look at?
i think i had a plan but im pulled in every direction....
organized chaos everywhere.
chiffon for skirts, charmeuse for dresses, chanel tweed for a suit...
today is saturday and mood closes at 4.
im in heaven for the next hour.

oscar de la renta, marc jacobs, zac posen, versace, gucci...waiting to be turned into any frock you fancy.

this silk will soon be bow ties for the fall...

don't you love the vintage dinosaur buttons?
feathers waiting to be made into a fascinator...

there is no place like mood fabric.
having excellent customer service and deep roots in the fashion scene, mood has become a sought out destination for european fabrics and italian treads. mood is the mecca of apparel design. silk, gabardine, wool, lace, leather you name it, it's there. it is said that if you don't find it at mood, you wont find it. over 40,000 square feet of notions, fabric, buttons and trim. a novice sewer or master tailor, mood is the place to be inspired and create.

four o'clock seemed to come sooner than an hour as i hurried to make my final selections. most of what i found you will find on the custom rack at the shop. the prints are perfect for your pool side or pew side occasion.

{a few pieces ill save for me... its hard to part with things you fall in love with.}

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