Sunday, July 10, 2011

happy west coast july 4th

i love the 4th of july, always have. looking back on sailing as a child in the charleston harbor. hair french braided on both sides, preppy posh gap bathing suit, no shoes and sun burned shoulders. boats adorned with red white and blue flags that waved among the nautical flags. watermelon cut, chicken fried, crab dip chilled and we off to morris island.

this was my first 4th on the west coast. i adore san diego, all of southern california speaks to my soul. the lifestyle and the landscape are equal parts refreshing and inviting. i spent this forth of july in a post card of perfect americana. coronado is a dream. each yard exquisitely manicured with draping flags from banisters on a back drop of a crisp blue sky... the day was an outstanding birthday celebration for our country.
we enjoyed the cutest cookout in the back yard of this sweet cottage...

vintage beach cruisers took us to hotel del for afternoon drinks and the hopeful celebrity spotting. built more than 120 years ago, the hotel del coronado has been a beacon of grandeur and refinement among vacation destinations in southern california. the iconic red-shingled roof in contrast to the dazzling azure pacific coastline was the perfect place to enjoy celebratory summer libation.

if not in charleston, i can think of no other place i would have rather been for the 4th. it was hard to say so long to southern california. its one of the few places that you can't help but feel completely alive. my friend hector once said that true happiness comes when you feel truly alive. i believe him more so after a few days in san diego. ill be back soon.


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