Friday, August 5, 2011

introducing: the picnic dress

what makes the perfect transition dress?
a dress with sleeves.
now with sandals and later with boots.
introducing the picnic dress.
who doesn't want to go on a picnic wearing this dress? i do. yes, it is a silk dress and yes, you'll be sitting on a blanket {on the grass} with your beau. isn't that what living is about? wearing a fancy dress during the day and picnicking with your grandmothers china? life is far too short for paper plates and gym clothes out side of the gym. {if you ask me}

here was the ruff draft.

the hem too long, the the sleeves too short. neckline not quite right. we need contrast but not a sash. insert yellow waist band s'il vous plait.
this is what its like: the making of the dress while we are still perfecting the pattern. we make a sample. and then snip, nip, cut and alter until at last it "fits" perfectly.

voici que vous allez! jolie robe!

i am very excited about the new picnic dress.
and i hope you are too.
available in an array of fall fabrics to suit your fancy very very soon.

stay tuned.