Thursday, June 9, 2011

slowing down to stop.

if i told you everything that happened in may you wouldn't believe me.

what a month.

professionally and personally i felt God telling me to decelerate; to slow down enough to see what is important. sometimes, you just keep going and going because thats what it takes to have a successful life. once someone said that you get rewarded "tending to your own land" no one has ever become successful "looking over the fence" per say. you see someone else in your profession, someone else your age, someone in a relationship or similar situation and you think, what's going on there that isn't going on here? we are taught that success occurs when we stay in our own lane and keep our eyes focused on the prize. a promotion, a raise, a second location, more media attention. you are going so fast that one road block doesn't slow you down, and it shouldn't. after all, life is full of challenges. title waves occur on majestic smooth water all the time. i had several waves on my normally peaceful island; in fact, the month of may was more like a tsunami.

you get fastened on the goal you lose sight of the journey. is this healthy? am i sacrificing my life for my career? what do i love about my life? i am investing in what i value?
after God shouted at me for a month to slow i decided i would listen.
something happens when you sleep in a room like the one below. stone walls, fireplace, birds and sunlight in the morning. what is important to me? i, so often, relish in the hectic hustle. go go go go. its scary to slow down. for me, when i decelerate, God speaks deliberately. truth is, he is speaking clearly all the time, its my habitually hectic life that obscures all the red flags he waves telling me to take a break and breath.


  1. Oh Annabelle! I relate to you on this post so much its not even funny! I love how you wrote this so candidly. I think everyone needs to settle down and take a deep breath. I think we, as women have become so successful that our jobs do become our lives. Its a VERY hard balance to live in the world, but not be OF the world! Take care and do what you feel in your heart is best! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for writing this - It has spoken directly to my heart. Sometimes you have the power to move mountains with a spread of a good lesson learned - thank you for that.

  3. Annabella,
    This post could not come at a better time for me, May was a title wave for me as well, and I just now, am starting to ask myself those same questions and trying to slow down and listen. I hope we can get together for another glass of wine soon. I am not working for the Foundation anymore, and think we have a lot in common.