Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hello new york

there is something about new york. the combination of unique parts move my soul. i always leave changed. the street energy, the small eclectic shops ... underground jazz clubs, roof top lounges with star sightings. outdoor french bistros and vintage fabric shops. a street artist with a vibrant canvas inspires a pair of pink silk shorts....
i can be lost and feel at home. there is no place like new york.

we walk by a huge melting clock on spring street in soho. me in my skinny jeans and jess in her cut off jeans, boots and "bangs fresh off the runway" do. my friend, the charleston southern belle, is now a hip lord and taylor buyer. i realize in the grand fashion scheme my skinny jeans aren't that adventurous.
it is infact a salvador dali exhibit! jessica remarks there are always great shows at this ultra hip gallery, in a voice that shows that her years in the city have enhanced her immunity towards such things that excited me, a small towner. she in her hipster boots and me in my seersucker laroque top stroll threw the gallery and although new york has changed us both but in different ways im immensely grateful for her and the day.

we visit the moma and top shop. although i couldn't muster up the courage for the combat boots i did find a few pieces that are more adventurous than the skinny jeans. before long i was off to the airport.

so long new york city lights...

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