Thursday, April 28, 2011

palm beach circa 1950-1980

palm beach has always been home to the bright and stylish. the leisurely mood of the island demands a lavish colorful frock that looks effortless . lilly and Pucci trendsetters walk the dog and enjoy morning tea at outdoor cafes. even casual wear is given a designer spin as halter dresses and tunic tops look chic.

glam vintage on dixie hwy, home to an extensive collection of wears from the 60's 70's and 80's. looking for the lilly your grandmother wore? you will find it here. some of the first lilly prints produced hang on racks while Pucci and Hermes scarves adorn the walls. pill box hats and oversized pearls make this a must see shop for any "before it was cool" ... im bringing it back conuasoiur.
Pucci and Hermez scarves

across dixie you will find palm beach vintage. the carefully selected collection of only high end designer lines is a must see.
have you ever seen such an extensive collection of pucci? beautiful ...
louis vuitton from the 70's and 80's
prada ... lanvin... bill blass... you name it.

there is vintage thats cool because its vintage designer, the vintage thats cool because its nostalgic and the cool vintage because the style has now come full circle. in any of case its fun to be connected to the past. to own the pucci shorts. the original pucci, when pucci was still finding out who they were and what they wanted to be. and to know that you own a part of their "ah ha" moment. we will look at vintage designers and know that what they were saying then is the same as what they say now. for lilly and pucci- its luxury leisure. and you are sure to find both, and plenty of it, in palm beach. both in and out of the vintage shops.

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