Tuesday, April 19, 2011

not so prom, prom dresses...

did you wear a prom dress in the 90's? i did. looking back, despite the search at every department store for the perfect dress, im asking myself, what was i thinking? the beads... the lace... the color yellow...( found no where in nature, color yellow) one time wear wonders. i would upload a picture but for the sake of you all still trusting me for design advice i think its best you not see the bad choices i made. ill leave it to your imagination.

here are a few not so prom, prom dresses we made this year.
i told all the gals who wore this frocks to prom that if they ever want to trade them in for something else at the shop i would buy them back i love them so much and would wear them anywhere but prom. (not that the dress is not suitable for prom, it is, im not suitable for the prom) dinner? a wedding? a garden party? luncheon? dinner party....

a few from the prom...


  1. So fun, although Hartley will need one that comes up to her neck, k?

  2. Great dress. Where did you buy the prom dress.

    red prom dresses