Thursday, February 10, 2011

kelly and parker tie the knot and a day i wont forget

i am thankful that every day i go to a place that i love, a place that feels more like a living room than a place of business. a place where friends are made and lives are stitched together as we design and sew. intrinsic validation at its finest, to make a living off of your life. there is no greater reward to see someone happy in a dress i have created.

the days have gone by in the last five years, and i have no idea where they went. seasons bleed together and i can hardly believe this is our 5th spring. there are many days that i do not remember. parker and kelly's wedding day and the time that i spent with them will not be forgotten.

my relationship with kelly began with a top for her engagement pictures... what an honor in itself. a few months later we began to design and construct her wedding gown. simple and elegant with a pleat detail and small bow the dress just fit her personality and style. as we began to work on the bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, flower girl and the soloist dress for the big day i knew this would be an event i wouldn't forget.

something changed in me seeing them. i known that love exist. but something happens when you see it. love that is giving and unselfish. where the other person is put first. i saw this in how kelly and parker talked to each each other, how the each mother worked with her daughters to find the style that best suited them for their bridesmaid dress. how dorothy bragged on and conversed with her grand children... when they were together at the shop, love was there too.

mother of the bride

mother of the groom


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  2. What I meant to say, was I think the mother of the groom looks the hottest! What a great color. The wedding turned out beautiful. Love LaRoque!