Thursday, February 10, 2011

the 5th year of custom carolina cup dresses!

its hard to believe this is the fifth year.

there were a few flyers around campus, my kitchen table, a monogramed ribbon label and a group of girls who were willing the give a custom made carolina cup dress a try.

pick your fabric and your style, one dress per fabric, no two alike.

i remember that first year. my mom and aunt came at the last second to help me sew in the labels and finish the hems of the 78 dresses. i had no idea that five years later laroque would expand the way it has. never imagined we would be here on the 5th year of custom cup dresses and also be selling in shops all over the east coast. God is so good.

i am so grateful for all of you who have supported me over the years. it feels so good when you choose to wear larouqe to the cup ( or to any occasion really...) there are so many talented designers and fashion houses. thank you for choosing laroque. the intrinsic reward and these pictures are priceless.

here are some of my favorite cup photos from over the years....

if you are wondering how to have a custom made dress, here is the process,

1. pick your fabric and your style
2. we take your measurements
3. you decide what color.. do you want a ruffle? a pleat? a monogram on your sash? we will make your dress exactly how you wish.
3. two to three weeks later, you come in for a fitting.
at the point changes can be made and an alterations are noted
4. a week or so later your dress is ready to take home!
5. have a good time at the race and take photos!

we will stop taking orders in a few weeks...

hope to see you soon!

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  1. So cute!

    I'm interested in having you to make a dress for my May 27th rehearsal dinner. I don't live in Columbia anymore -- how could we make this work?