Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Read Brothers on King

located at 593 king street in charleston, part fabric store part stereo shop Read brothers is unlike any store you will ever visit. some, if not most, of what's for sale has been in the shop for decades. stopping the first time for oil cloth, i now find my self popping in every chance i can while in charleston. it is impossible to see everything during one trip. vintage toys and fabric line the middle tables while the outer tables are stocked with baskets, buttons, used books, sewing supplies, long pj's and handkerchiefs. ribbon in all colors, widths and textures are sold by the yard. i have never seen such a collection of buttons south of new york's garment district.
its a lot to take in after you swing open the double set of wooden doors. as you can tell, your eyes are not sure where to land first.

the outside window is decorated with hundreds of spools of thread and sheets from a coloring book from the 60's. i am sure that the sign stating "specials today" has been there for a few years....
love the colorful display of vintage zippers in the window. i picked up a few of these for the new batch of makeup bags.
can't wait to have a backyard party. this oil cloth will be the perfect table topper for a fall BBQ.
ive been looking everywhere for the perfect blinds for my office at home. i love the bleached white.
the shop is known for their stock of "victory" bobby pins from WWII. these pins are the oldest item for sale. had to have a pack of these.