Monday, July 9, 2012

The south of France

i decided on may 11th i would fly to europe on may 12th. my thoughts had vacillated on the trip for a few weeks and after concluding that life is in fact too short decided id make a go of the offer. strange in life that the things we long to most do are the things we put off. i have made several new years resolutions (and mid year resolutions) to live life to the fullest when an opportunity arrises. 

meet karen. the best friend a girl could ask for. and who could say no to a weeks stay in lovely 13th century farm house with your best friend? 

the south of france is the most lovely enchanting place i have visited. home of duck confit, macaroons, foie gras, castles and chateaus. rolling hills and winding roads lined with grape vines harvesting the worlds most exquisite wines. what a week we had. 

although my memory of the trip is decorated with highlights, visiting LaRoque France nears the top.


  1. Love you!! Beautiful pictures! Live life to the fullest and come to Kanuga for a day with us also:) The children would love it! We miss you:)

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