Monday, November 14, 2011

USC Homecoming and the Outstanding Alumni Award

i always knew i would attend USC. my dad was a graduate and after he passed away when i was 5 i thought he would be proud if i carried on the family tradition, and so i did. in 2001 i was initiated into Kappa Delta sorority on the horse shoe. i met my met my best friend there, studied for tests there and learned my grandmother had passed away while walking the brick path to class. the horseshoe at USC holds memories that cover a litany of emotions.

what a honor it was to be awarded the Outstanding Alumni Award for 2011 and even more rewarding to receive the award at Rutledge Chapel on the horse shoe. i never felt like an outstanding student, but i did feel like a hard worker. my mom says that runs in our family and when i am discouraged she reminds me of how proud my dad must be. many of you know that i named my "kitchen table endeavor" LaRoque, to honor him.

homecoming at USC brings back a flood of emotions. the theme of homecoming my freshman year in 2001 was "a family tradition." aptly so, homecoming always makes me think of my family. although my dad was not at the award ceremony i knew he was there "in spirit".

USC has taught me many things both as a student and a graduate. most importantly i have learned that you can make a living off of your life. what an honor to be a part of a University that allows me to give back and be apart of traditions that will always be nostalgic. i am grateful to have a career that is fueled and supported by a university that my father was apart of.
for me, homecoming at USC will always be a family tradition.

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