Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what an honor and what will i wear?

how do i make dresses and still have nothing to wear? i ask myself this all the time. you know the saying about the cobbler who doesn't have any shoes? or the chefs family who he doesn't cook for? most of the time i worry about what to wear a few hours before an event... hemming my skirt on the way or some other last second alteration in the car... thinking next time, i will plan and be prepared. how have i dressed other woman successfully for the same event? they have their dresses hanging in the closet the week before. not to mention nails neatly manicured . me: needle, thread and if im lucky time for a quick coat of whatever polish im able to open on the way out the door.
the countdown is on for friday night. somehow between the cup dresses, bridesmaid dresses... ready to wear for the shop ect., i feel guilty stopping and working on something for me.
the VIP event at Saks in Charleston is friday night. my dresses to benefit colon cancer research will be on display. what an honor... and what will i wear? in the search for inspiration im looking in past portfolios at some of my favorite cocktail dresses...

it's late and im tired. hopefully in the morning i will have dreamed of the perfect dress. ill keep you posted.

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