Sunday, January 3, 2010

some of my favorite places in new york...

pop up shops every where. loved this one...
haus interiors on elizabeth in soho. do you read new york mag? they were recently featured. the small intimate space on elizabeth st. is filled with unique home goods and posh gifts. owner, nina freudenberger was great to work with. see more at

not what i thought this was but happy to find this unique place...
before entering thought i may had found one of those places where you can rent a fab designer dress for the night. since im not sure how to tastefully tell you what it was ill let you google it. *not for young eyes
my favorite place to visit by far when in new york.
the strange green tent that has been at 76 east houston Street since 1986 is the last eclectic antique and prop store on the bowery. billy’s first incarnation was called lot 76. in those days the bowery was like the wild west. ( well, this is what billy said, i wasn't there of course. ) only the adventurous came downtown. As the sun would set on east houston the junkies and alcoholics would lurk around like zombies, asking for handouts.
the creator of lot 76 was rob fennick a forward thinking antique dealer from detroit. the tent has provided countless objects to thousands of new yorkers. all walks of life have passed through the doors: movie stars, rock stars, artists, junkies, hookers, gangsters entrepreneurs, hipsters, and today there is a new breed on the Bowery; the metro-suburbanites. but the spirit of old new york is still alive at Billy's, a good deal at a fair price. billy is a character, if in new york you have to stop by and see him.

travis became fast friends with billy... almost couldn't get him to leave.
i would have loved to have taken these chairs home to redo for my dinner room.
john varvatos in the old CBGB's is so cool. the old punk rock venue has been bought and now is
home to the john varvatos shop on bowery. the old stage is now the display for the shoes and vintage apps and posters line the walls. the clothing fits the deco.
cbgb was a music club at 315 bowery at bleecker street in manhattan. named in short for country, bluegrass and blues was founded by hilly kristal in 1973, it was originally intended to feature its names sake musical styles but instead became a forum for american punk. the ramones, nisfits, and pattie smith, the talking heads all preformed there. in later years in became the stage for murphy's law and other hand core punk music.

Before it was cool.
this small shops sells ( well, by the prices i am not sure if they are really there to sell .... the lamp i hoped to bring home was tagged at $3, 200. ) so, as you guessed, it is still there. the museum/ shop entry is an old garage door that if you don't look close you will miss is open when the guy gets there and closed when he leaves. but, its worth it to circle the block and wait to get a look at what he has. the incredible collection of vintage lamps is mind blowing and all, as you would have guessed authentic and made long before it was cool as the name suggest.

dinner in little italy

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  1. Great places, I will definitely check them out on my next trip!!