Sunday, October 18, 2009

how the cuffs are made and why we are always out of them...

i have an obession about saving fabric. even the smallest pieces i fold and stack in the designated color group. below is a sample of the last years garments, well what is left of them. i love looking and remembering who wore what when... easter, the cup, homecoming... mother of the bride. sometimes they are made into bow ties or small bags. maybe used as trim or to inspire a new design.
on a trip to ny this summer it came to me... a way to use the small pieces. since then i have been working to create cuff bracelets.

first step... fabric on to the cuff. at the stage things are moving slowly but i am very excited to see the fabric in the shape of the cuff.

i had envisioned the cuff to have a laquared effect. heavy, shinny and glossy to the touch. after several trips to lowes and different mixtures of laquare concoctions i think i have found what works best.... (you didn't think i was going to tell you the secret did you? ) they turn out beautiful but takes literaly hours to dry and many coats.

here are a few from the last collection as they dry....

ta da! a few from the first group... the new cuff's are much more shinny ...

a few happy customers stop by wearing their cuffs on the way to devine foods... love mixing the cuffs with other cuffs.

so... in a short while... more cuffs.
i am experimenting with a modern monogram on the cuff. maybe one letter or an important date. look for pictures soon.

oh, and look for them in southern living in march along with the story about the shop and the carolina cup.....


  1. Thank you for posting that on facebook! Great blog!

    -Donna R.

  2. I love the photo of the stacked fabric! It looks so pretty!

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